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Boards and Committees

The Town of Hamburg is seeking qualified individuals to volunteer for community boards. Interested persons are asked to send a letter of interest with a brief description of qualifications to the office of Hamburg Town Supervisor Jim Shaw, 6100 South Park Avenue, Hamburg.

Below is a list of boards/committees:


The "Hamburg Disability Awareness Committee" is a group of community members/volunteers who reside in Hamburg.  They work with the Hamburg ADA Coordinator and other organizations to promote disability awareness, disability training, and to assure accessibility for all Hamburg residents. It is a goal of the Committee to maximize opportunities for all residents to participate in every facet of our community from employment and government to recreation.  People with disabilities are entitled to the same opportunities as residents who are not disabled, and the Town can benefit from the unique talents and contributions of all of its residents.  The committee is always seeking members/volunteers from the community (Town of Hamburg, including the Villages of Blasdell and Hamburg) to serve on this committee.  If you have an interest in this, please contact the Town of Hamburg's ADA Coordinator at  For more information about the ADA, click on the following link:
If there is a need for a resident to file a complaint pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) please fill out the form below and submit to the Town Clerk's Office at Hamburg Town Hall ADA Complaint Form.


The "Recreation Advisory Board" is a citizens panel that reviews recreation department policies/procedures, financial performance, issues of concern, programming and facility needs. In addition, the group offers input on future planning, based on data derived from community input, formal studies and/or related professional research. The group meets to discuss these matters, and when deemed appropriate, forwards recommendations to the Town Board. Ideally, the committee assists the department in creating leisure lifestyle opportunities that are both affordable and compatible with the interests of our residents. The Recreation Advisory Board meets 4 to 6 times per year.


"Veterans Committee" – This committee works with the various veteran organizations in the town to help meet and address the needs of our veterans. Also helps to coordinate the town sponsored veteran events such as the Pearl Harbor and September 11th Remembrance Ceremonies.


"Town-Village Coordination" – Committee made of equal representation of the town and both villages. This committee helps explore areas where the town and villages can work together for the mutual benefit of the three organizations. The committee also helps keep communication and information flowing between the three governments.


"Town-wide Drainage" – This committee will help coordinate a more comprehensive drainage policy for the town. Chief among its duties will be to assist the planning department on potential impacts of projects on the other areas of the town.


"Energy Conservation Review Board" – This committee will review the recommendations of the recently approved energy study the town is conducting with the assistance of NYSERDA. The committee will develop a plan of implementation taking into account energy savings versus the cost of the various projects and will make a recommendation to the Town Board.


"Ice Rink Review Panel" – This committee will review the recommendations and suggestions of the recently approved engineering study the town is conducting to determine the necessary work the needed on the town ice rink. The committee will develop a plan of implementation taking into needs of the community, scope of the work needed to be performed, and the cost of the various projects. The committee will also review and consider alternative options.


"Parks and Highway Advisory Board" – This board will help develop strategies for upkeep of the town’s many parks and roads, including the implementation of the Highway Superintendent’s “Adopt-a-Park” program.


"Downsizing Preparation Board" – This board will help determine how the town will be affected from the reduction of the town board and will help develop ways to overcome those problems.


"Agriculture Board" – The Town Hamburg is a Right-to-Farm Community. As part of this designation, a board review and mediate complaints regarding farming practices is mandated. This board will therefore hear evidence from both sides when a complaint is made and render a decision.


"The Hamburg Industrial Development Agency" (HIDA) - The HIDA Board of Directors consists of nine volunteers appointed by the Hamburg Town Board. This board works with the Town, Village and both school districts in Hamburg to provide financial incentives for new facility construction and existing business expansion. The HIDA is committed to responsible economic growth in Hamburg while expanding job opportunities and enhancing the tax base in the Town.


The "Hamburg Development Corporation" (HDC) - The HDC Board of Directors consists of thirteen volunteers.  This Board reviews a low interest loan program for projects that create or retain jobs within Hamburg.  It is a not-for-profit local development corporation designed to stimulate reinvestment in the commercial and industrial areas in the Town of Hamburg, the Village of Hamburg and the Village of Blasdell.


The "Senior Services Advisory Board" consists of a group of concerned citizens who examine and explore programs to enrich the lives of those 60 years of age and older. Their main objective is to keep the older persons of our community active and aware of current happenings, especially in areas that directly affect their lives. The board traditionally convenes on a quarterly basis but may meet more frequently based on the needs of the Senior Services Department.
The "Shoreline Revitalization Committee" was established in 1986 to review and discuss issues and proposed projects involving the Lake Erie waterfront area of the Town of Hamburg. The committee also serves as the advisory body for overseeing the Town's Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. The committee members are appointed annually by the Town Board, and are comprised of concerned citizens representing different areas of the Town's waterfront, and having varied backgrounds and professions. The committee usually has 4 to 6 evening meetings during the year. The Town Engineering Department assists the committee members in providing technical guidance and updates on the status of proposed and ongoing projects in the waterfront area.


The "Domestic Violence Board" is comprised of Hamburg citizens, men and women, interested in the issue of domestic violence and how it affects the community. Board members volunteer their time and expertise in support of the town's Domestic Violence Office for the purpose of raising awareness and funds for the clients the office serves.  Meetings are typically held the third Wednesday of every month. Anyone who's interested in the cause is welcome to apply. Your compassion, know how, and support can help break the cycle of violence. If interested, please forward your information to the town supervisor's office.


The "Rejuvenation Committee" is a volunteer committee of the Town of Hamburg government dedicated to improving the aesthetics and quality of life for our residents and our motto is "Working today for a better Hamburg tomorrow." The Rejuvenation Project works to promote projects designed to enhance the appearance and character in Hamburg. This committee was formed in 1994 by former Councilwoman Kathy Hochul to replace the Beautification Committee. Members of this committee are volunteers from the Villages of Hamburg and Blasdell, the business community and residents from different areas of the Town that meet once a month.


The "Lake Erie Seaway Trail Center Committee" is a not-for-profit corporation which was formed in early 2006 to administer the Center. Staffing needs for the LESTC are met by this group, which also solicits, trains, and monitors local community volunteers, and works to develop the potential of the Center.


The "Conservation Advisory Board" is a member of the New York State Association of Conservation Commissions, and is charged with doing environmental assessments on all new projects in the Town of Hamburg. The assessments are done in accordance with NYS SEQRA law. The assessments are provided to the Planning Board and the Town Board to guide them in their decisions. Other functions of the CAB are:

  • The preservation of open space/green space – including acquisitions by the DEC and Town.
  • Evaluation of wetlands and other natural resources.
  • Assisting the DEC, the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies as necessary.
  • Advising the Town Board, Building Inspection and Engineering departments on environmental issues.

Hamburg Town Hall 6100 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, NY 14075

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