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Government Structure

Office Term Elected / Appointed Powers and Duties
Town Board Supervisor 4 years Elected by Town Election Executive Officer of the Town, Chairman of the Town Board;
Chief Fiscal Officer of the Town
Councilman (4) 4 years (2 are elected every other year.) Elected by Town Electoral Town Board meets twice a month at Town Hall; administers Town
Government; levies taxes; administers services of unincorporated
areas including police and fire protection, parks, sewers, water supply, streets, highways, assessments, and collection of taxes, building inspectors and recreation for the Town and lighting.
Town Clerk 4 years Elected by Town Electorate Records minutes of Town meetings. In charge of registration of
vital statistics, including marriage licenses; issues Town licenses,
State hunting and fishing licenses; supervises elections; is custodian
of Town records.
Town Justice (2) 4 years Elected by Town Electorate Preside over Town Court which sits to handle violations of Town
Ordinances and initial hearings of more serious cases, dispossessions
and traffic violations. Handle civil cases up to $3,000.
Supt. of Highways 4 years Elected by Town Election In charge of maintenance of all town streets and highways
Dir. of Admin. and Finance 2 years Appointed by Supervisor Directs activities of Buildings, Grounds and park Department; oversees financial matters of the Town as assigned by the Supervisor.
Recreation Director Civil Service Appointed by Town Board Supervises, plans and organizes recreation activities in the Town
Town Engineer Civil Service* Appointed by Town Board In charge of Engineering Department which handles all engineering
matters, including studies, design and construction, inspection, administers special district water and sewer operations.
Building and Plumbing Inspector Civil Service* Appointed by Board from Civil Service Inspects building and plumbing; approves all building and plumbing permits.
Police Chief Civil Service* Appointed by Board from Civil Service Administers police department; responsible for protecting life and property
of Town residents; apprehends law breakers.
Executive Director of Youth Bureau Civil Service* Appointed by Board from Civil Service Cooperates with Police Chiefs in dealing with youth cases in the Town and
Villages. Main concern is to prevent and reduce youth problems and aid
troubled youth.
Town Attorney 2 years Appointed by Board Handles all legal matters of the Town as directed by the Town Board.
Assessor 7 years Appointed by Board Assesses and reassesses all property in Town. Prepares tax rolls to the County.
Director of Civil Defense Unpaid Volunteer Approved by Supervisor Area Chairman of Civil Defense; works with the County Director to enforce
regulations set up by the New York State Defense Emergency Act and related Defense Emergency Law.
Historian 1 year Appointed by Supervisor Collect, protect and preserve material related to the history of political subdivision

* Has tenure to retirement under Civil Service.

Hamburg Town Hall 6100 South Park Avenue
Hamburg, NY 14075

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