Police Training

The Field Training Officer (FTO) Program is designed to train Officer's who have just graduated from the Police Academy or who have come to the Town of Hamburg Police Department from another law enforcement agency. This program takes the basic knowledge and skills learned in the academy and applies that to the everyday duties of a Police Officer. Officers who have been with other Departments learn the duties and paperwork which are specific to our Department.

The duration of the program is typically 12 to 16 weeks, depending on the experience of the officer and how they respond to training. Officers who have had some patrol experience with other departments require less training. The recruit officer is exposed to as many of the facets of the job as possible including the detective bureau and dispatching. Initially, the recruit officer takes more of an observer's role until they become more comfortable with the job. By the end of the program the recruit officer is doing the vast majority of the work themselves, while still being supervised by a training officer. The recruits progress is documented on daily and weekly progress reports which are kept in the normal course of business of the Town of Hamburg Police Department. When it is determined that the recruit officer has a good grasp of the duties and the requirements of being a patrol officer, they are allowed to work alone in a patrol car. We continue to monitor the officers progress and address any areas of concern. The Officer is still on probation until they have completed one year of service.

There are currently 9 Field Training Officers. These Officers are chosen for this assignment because they have excelled at the job and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with new officers. They have all received specialized training for this assignment. The recruit officer works with a different training officer every week, working the FTO's schedule.

Respectfully Submitted,
Chief Peter Dienes