School Resource Officer (SRO) Program

The SRO program is designed to take a proactive initiative based approach to school safety, education and intervention where police officers are placed in schools on a full time basis to provide community policing services. A primary purpose of the SRO is to ensure the safety of the students and faculty as they assume the role of "peacekeeper" in the schools to maintain a safe learning environment. An SRO also assumes rotating roles as teacher, counselor and law enforcement officer.

The officer is not a school disciplinarian, but when a violation of a school rule is also a violation of the law, the school administration and the officer will work together using all resources available to help students, the school and the community find a solution to their problems.

When acting as counselor, the SRO is available to talk to students, parents, teachers and the administration about problems that may involve the criminal justice system. Conflict resolution remains a high priority in order to give the students a better understanding on how to resolve issues through appropriate intervention and the development of coping skills.

In the classroom, the SROs bring their experience and a sense of the real world to their students. SRO's presentations are designed to be integrated into the adopted curricula being taught and supplement the subject matter in those academic areas. The SRO is trained to speak about subjects such as drug and alcohol issues, bullying and internet safety, educational drug and alcohol forums for parents, and addressing community based groups onto today's issues and concerns.

The district schools are scattered throughout the township of Hamburg which encompasses 41.3 square miles and a population of approximately 57,000. Total student enrollment for the district is approximately 5,000 students.

Total Students
Total Staff
High School1,750250
Middle School1,313160
Middle School1,750110
Blasdell Elementary652600
Cloverbank Elementary60095
Pinehurst Elementary67090
Southtowns Academy57425
Frontier Education Center13030

Classroom Instruction

Class and Subject
High SchoolGovernment Class: 4th Amendment - Search and Seizure
High SchoolHealthy Living/Wellness Fair
Middle SchoolPrescription Drug Abuse, Internet Safety
Elementary SchoolInternet Safety
DistrictDrug and Alcohol forum for parents

Other Functions

  • P.T.S.A. presentations
  • Staff Security Updates
  • Threat Assessment Team Member
  • Conduct Conflict Resolution sessions between students
  • Assist Staff with Drug and/or Alcohol Evaluations
  • Mentor/Counseling functions with students and/or staff regarding legal situations and issues
  • Participate in Safe Schools Committee Functions
  • Participate in Critical Incident Response Team Functions
  • Assist Facilities Director with Security Surveys and Security Issues throughout the School District